Hogtied--HT-35774 Cheyenne Jewel and Sophia Locke

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Hogtied--HT-35774 Cheyenne Jewel and Sophia Locke
The Collectors

Aug 28, 2014 - Performers: Cheyenne Jewel  and  Sophia Locke 

Med, Hi and HD MP4 + Pics.

In this psycho thriller, Sophia is a curious cunt and travels to the farthest reaches in the dark city to get her kicks. She wants to play rough and be taken by two men at once and so she delivers her curvy creamy body and innocent face to The Collector and his friend. 

They have a new friend for her too. The gorgeous and athletic Cheyenne Jewel is already sweating in inescapable bondage inside a trunk. Both these girls found their way into this hotel room for their own reasons, but they will have to endure whippings, tight bondage, screaming orgasms, mind games, and sexual use before they will find their way out. 


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