[X-Art] Constance (X-Art on TV)

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[X-Art] Constance (X-Art on TV)
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Join Constance and Aaron as they watch X-Art videos on their TV, while they have hot passionate sex and cum together!
Beautiful Constance relaxes in bed and switches the television on. Her favorite X-Art video 'Teenagers in Love' plays on the screen, making her pussy warm and wet.
While she watches the action on screen, Constance gently rubs her clit and spreads her pussy lips wide open. You can see the juices inside - INCREDIBLE!
Suddenly her boyfriend Aaron walk into the room, catching her in the act. She smiles and pulls him down onto the bed.
Watch and enjoy as this adorable couple suck and fuck their way to an incredible mutual orgasm. After they cum together, Aaron pulls his cock out and you can see his cum pouring out of Constance's perfect pussy.
Download and enjoy this fantastic new X-Art video - you're going to LOVE it!

[Video Information]
Codec:AVC1 - Built-in FFmpeg Decoder(h264)
Input type:AVC1(24 bits)
Input size:960 x 540(1.78:1)
Output type:YV12(12 bits)
Output size:960 x 540(1.78:1)
Frame rate:25.00
BitRate: Unknown

[Audio Information]
Codec:AAC(0xaac0) - FFmpegMininum.dll(aac)
Sample rate:44100 -> 44100 samples/sec
Bits per sample:16 -> 16 bits/sample
Channels:2 -> 2 channels
Bitrate: 108 kbps