DeviceBondage--DB-35499 Sophia Locke and Orlando Med HD

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DeviceBondage--DB-35499 Sophia Locke and Orlando Med HD
2 x 4 of Indifference

Jun 20, 2014 - Performers: Orlando  and  Sophia Locke 

Med and HD MP4 + Pics.

Sophia is one of the toughest pain sluts that we have had grace the pages of Device Bondage. She loves this shit, and it shows in her face when the pain begins to take over her senses. 

Orlando and The Pope jump right in and start the destruction. It is a fast start without any warm up, and it becomes to much for her. The action is slowed down, but only briefly so that she can be brought back to the extreme level properly. To withstand this type of brutal torment, she has to be warmed up, and once this has happened, she goes the distance. 

She is promised the most painful spanking of her life, but only if she makes it through the day with these two sadistic fuckers brutalizing her.


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