Grand.Theft Auto.San Andreas.PLUS.27.TRAINER.REPACK.(C).Raldo94

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Grand.Theft Auto.San Andreas.PLUS.27.TRAINER.REPACK.(C).Raldo94
cheet program to gta san andreas 
you cheat in th game but wen you cheat it will not come upp a box whit the text "cheat aktivated"

here s the comands

Hot key             Option

F6                  Toggle Infinite Health
F7                  Toggle Infinite Armor
F8                  Toggle Infinite Ammo
F9                  Toggle Infinite Run
F10                 Toggle Infinite Breath
Shift+F6            Toggle Infinite Nitrous
F11                 Increase Money
3                   No Wanted Level
5                   Max Wanted Level
6                   Toggle One Hit Kill
7                   Toggle Bulletproof Vehicles 
8                   Toggle One Hit Exploding Vehicles
9                   Toggle Freeze Mission Timer
0                   Toggle Freeze Game Clock
Shift+3             Get Maximum Muscle
Shift+5             Get Maximum Stamina
Shift+6             Toggle Max/Min Fat
Shift+7             Get Maximum Respect
Shift+8             Get Maximum Gambling Skill
Shift+9             Get Hitman Level on ALL Weapons
Shift+0             Get 100% Completion
Shift+F7            Get Maximum Lung Capacity
Shift+F8            Get Maximum Bike/Drivig/Cycling/Flying Skill
Shift+F9            Get 100 Tags
Shift+F10           Get 50 Oysters
Shift+F11           Get 50 snapshots
Shift+Del           Get 50 Horseshoes
F12                 Toggle In-Game Menu*

this comands is also in the program+notes of them
you only need to start the program and play the game
prit the comands it's eseier to see the comands