Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 BD-25 TrueHD

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Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 BD-25 TrueHD
Haunted by his turbulent, Mad Max believes that the best way to survive is not to depend on anyone else besides himself. Still, eventually joining a group of rebels who cross the Wasteland, a war machine led by an elite Empress, angry. This bunch is on the run from a Citadel bullied by Immortan Joe, whom something irreplaceable was stolen. Exasperated with their loss, the Warlord gathers his lethal gang and begins a ruthless persecution of the rebels and the most relentless war on the Road ever.

Title in Brazil: Mad Max - Road Rage
Original Title: Mad Max: Fury Road
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Action / Adventure
Duration: 120 minutes
Directed by George Miller

Size: 21.92 GB
Extension Archive: .ISO
Quality of Video: Blu-Ray (BDR 25Gb)
Video codec: H.264 / AVC
Audio codec: AC3 5.1 | TrueHD 5.1
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Audio: Portuguese / English
Subtitles: Portuguese