The Upperfloor--tUF-36802 Casey Calvert, Sophia Locke and Karlo

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The Upperfloor--tUF-36802 Casey Calvert, Sophia Locke and Karlo
The Paddle Club

Jan 16, 2015 - Performers: Karlo Karrera ,  Casey Calvert   and  Sophia Locke 

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It's a New Year and the House demands increased discipline and loyalty to the tradition. House slave Casey Calvert and Petitioner Sophia Locke are the first two lucky submissives to enter into the Upper Floor Paddle Club: 

It is hereby decreed that in order to maintain the Order of Servitude on the Upper Floor, each and every Upper Floor Slave is required to receive ONE hard whack with the Paddle of Discipline for every year of service! This whack should be PAINFUL and it should leave a MARK! So says the House, and So shall it be done!


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