The Kooks Inside In Inside Out(mp3 320kbs)ICM369

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The Kooks Inside In Inside Out(mp3 320kbs)ICM369
The Kooks Inside In Inside Out(mp3 320kbs)ICM369

On their debut album Inside In/Inside Out, Brighton band The Kooks 
demonstrate a real potential for greatness. 

That's because this young band have two crucial things going for 
them: a wealth of ideas and an awareness of their place in their 
musical lineage. Which is why it's probably so appropriate that 
Inside In/Inside Out was recorded at The Kinks' Ray Davies' own 
studio--Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard, like Davies, seems to have 
a knack for churning out catchy guitar-pop nuggets. 

So, after the brief and mellow intro of "Seaside", the album really 
kicks in to grab the listener by the ears, with each song better than 
the previous. Sofa Song" is a strumming, singalong bounce, but 
"Eddie's Gun" is a rough-around-the-edges jangly rocker, and "Ooh La" 
is a mellow and melodic stroll, all building up to the downright funky 
tracks like "Matchbox" and "Naive". nd so it continues, through 14 songs, 
propelled by Pritchard's hiccupping vocal delivery and Hugh Harris's 
rather excellent guitar playing. 

The Kooks had a lot of hype prior to the release of Inside In/Inside Out; 
rather impressively, they've more than managed to live up to it.


1. Seaside 1:39              
2. See The World 2:38
3. Sofa Song 2:13
4. Eddie's Gun 2:13
5. Ooh La 3:29
6. You Don't Love Me 2:35
7. She Moves In Her Own Way 2:49
8. Matchbox 3:09
9. Naive 3:23
10. I Want You 3:27
11. If Only 2:01
12. Jackie Big Tits
13. Time Awaits 5:08
14. Got No Love 3:37