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This is an album from a Chinese amateur. You may change your opinion on Chinese amateur music after play the tracks. 

Artist statement(
I am the author of the songs posted on the artist page of '???'. The songs were created by fl studio. You know, fl studio is a loop machine, So these songs are all formed by loops. I put many Chinese instruments in them, such as bamboo flute?erhu, chinese zither, pipa, chinese percussion, and so on.
I love my great country and our classic music. Seems Japanese newage musicians are very interested in Chinese instruments. They invited chinese musicians to their country. At the same time, Chinese musicians have no chance to popularize their music in China.
As an amateur, I am not worry about the music industry. I am just sigh with emotion.
So, lets make our own music, No matter what country we live, Just in respect of our country and our music culture.
Stop 'rock' unduly. Come on.

Artist Bio from

Chinese Name: ??? / ??
English Name: XiPiShi / Jeng Fu
Birthdate: April 12, 1985
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Education: NCU
Marital Status: Single
Favorite Sports: Ping Pong
Instruments: Flute, PC
Favorite Music: Nuage, Indie, Electronic
Favorite Singer: Danny Chan
Favorite Musician: Moby, Wang Yueming, Jun-ichi Kamiyama
Favorite Color: Limpid
Favorite Food: Rice
Favorite Actor: Stephen Chow
Childhood Dream: Become Scientist
Hobbies: Music, Movies, Eat, Drain, Masturbation
Strengths: Mute, Dream
Weaknesses: Shy, Soft-hearted, Emotional

"Watermelonhuskfighter" is a young man from earth during early 21s. He came from a small village called "qiao xia" in nanfeng town, Fu zhou,Jiangxi province, China. he likes making music.Four albums were released via ed2k in 2006. They are: Cold Spring, Cool Summer, Whisht Autumn, Chilly Winter. As a nonprofessional music producer, He hopes more people can make their own music. So they can get rid of other people's music habits. We can write our own poems, draw our own pictures, and make our own music. 


01. My Landscape
02. The Cloud Covers The Mountain
03. Bleak Palace
04. Crescent
05. Sandy
06. Cat Child
07. Autumn Equinox
08. The Empty Pavilion
09. Landscape Inside
10. The Lost Monk
11. The Narrow Range
12. To Danny Chan
13. Wind Fall
14. North Observer
15. Summer Solstice
16. Weicheng Tone
17. Winter Solstice
18. Meteorite