[-JoyMii-] Gina Gerson [-Creamed-] --NEW-- 22-August-2015

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[-JoyMii-] Gina Gerson [-Creamed-] --NEW-- 22-August-2015
[-JoyMii-] Gina Gerson [-Creamed-] --NEW-- 22-August-2015

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It's a beautiful day outside and for Gina and Sean there's only one way to enjoy it to the fullest... and that's naked, with each other. These two are always horny so they don't need an excuse to be together, but making love in the sun is their favorite. There's something about it that gives them extra energy, which they'll need as they can often go for a long time. They start slow, but very passionately, with Sean's tongue deep in Gina's sweet and beautiful pussy. After returning the favor, she gets on her back - her favorite position - and lets Sean fuck her hard and long. No matter what, she knows they will return to this position, because it's his favorite too. You'll have to come in and see what they do in between before they... well, we won't spoil it for you. Enjoy!