Kano: Home Sweet Home [by_AyigbeBoy]

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Kano: Home Sweet Home [by_AyigbeBoy]
Seeing as you guys didn't provide before it came out, here's my 2nd upload for you listening pleasure!

Kano's Home Sweet Home!!

1. Home Sweet Home

2. Ghetto Kid

3. P’s And Q’s

4. Reload It

5. Typical Me

6. Mic Check

7. Sometimes

8. 9to5

9. Nitenite

10. Brown Eyes

11. Remember Me

12. Don’t Know Why

13. How We Livin

14. Nobody Dont Dance No More

15. Signs In Life

16. Boys Love Girls (Bonus Track)

                                            Enjoy!! Review:
Although 19-year old Kane Robinson is the latest product of the vibrant UK Garage scene commonly dubbed "grime", his deceptively named debut full-length album, Home Sweet Home travels far beyond the East London boroughs most grime MCs make their ends. Boasting collaborative work with The Streets’ Mike Skinner, M.I.A associate Diplo, grime faces Terrah Danjah and D Double E, and even producer du jour Paul Epworth – the Bloc Party knob-twiddler, who contributes Black Sabbath-sampling rock banger "I Don’t Know Why" – this is an album that reflects Kano’s charismatic, multi-faced style: or, as he neatly puts it on frothing junglist number "Reload It", "I make love music/And I make thug music".

Skipping styles like hopscotch, we see Kano tackle assured, chugging rap-rock ("Typical Me"); Latin-tinged, Hennesy-sipping party vibes ("Remember Me"); reflective garden-gate philosophy ("How We Livin’"); and thuggish, slice-of-London-life drama (‘Ghetto Kid’) with equal charm and proficiency. His debut single, "Boys Love Girls" – a bouncy, comical encapsulation of playground sexual politics, included here as a bonus track – still sounds like perhaps his finest moment. But on Home Sweet Home, Kano has grown in many directions, and somewhat miraculously, every one suits him --Louis Pattison